About Townbright

Townbright is a way to connect and share with people in your neighborhood.

It’s easy to start a Townbright community

Where neighbors connect with neighbors online.

A simple, private and free community website for you, your neighbors, local businesses and people who work in your neighborhood, to connect and share news, views, recommendations and resources.

Connect and Care

Find people with common interests nearby and talk about the local issues that matter. Offer a helping hand to your neighbors. Find a helping hand when you need one. Stay in touch with your local community, even while you’re on the go.

News and Events

Pass on local news and events, from lost cats to crime alerts, craft fairs to community clean-ups. Sports sign-ups, book clubs, road closures, food bank collections, campaigns to save the town hall. If you’re interested, chances are a neighbor will be, too.

Recommendations and Resources

Know where to get the best coffee? Tell your neighbors! Tried that new restaurant around the corner? Write a review! Need advice on what plants to grow in your yard? Or a trusty contractor? Ask your neighbors!

The folks who live and work in your neighbourhood have a wealth of practical knowledge and expertise waiting to be shared on Townbright. Take the lead and start a Townbright local community social network today.

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